Rausgeschrieben is a web design project for my small private blog rausgeschrieben.de. The design should be modern, but also transport a vintage vibe, leaning on various photo filters from social media. These are mostly in a vintage look or simulate analog film.

The layout was initially created with Figma. The later implementation was then done with WordPress using the Impreza theme. I’ve been using the Impreza theme for my websites for years, as it’s easy to use and still allows a very large scope for individual design


Away from the actual web design, I also kept an eye on the branding. In addition to a color palette that matches the general photography style, a new logo was also created that also visually ties in with the vintage concept. In addition to the usual color variation, I also created a logo variant that is more compact and specifically finds use on mobile devices.

Accent Dark
Signature Dark
Light Grey
Medium Grey
Dark Grey


For the colours, I orientated myself on the colour palette of the images used later. This meant that the project not only included the actual web design, but image design was also used in the form of a specially developed Lightroom preset. At the same time, photography and web design harmonised very well.

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