About Me

A #twentysomething who does something with media. Always working on something creative.

Hey, you! I’m Glenn. I’m probably a living cliché because I do “something with media” in Cologne, Germany. The story behind it is that I’ve always done creative things since early in my life. First Lego sets were converted far beyond from what the instructions told me to do, later on some drawing obviously, with the “digital age” Photoshop, photography and now many years later I’m currently working for DocCheck on various digital projects, dealing intensively with UI design and user experience and every now and then I find my way back into Photoshop for image compositions and retouching

On the side, I also like to pack my camera into the bag and go on a stroll through the city capturing moments. If there are a few hours left in the day, I write something on my blog, produce content on social media, ride around on my longboard or, of course, go to the gym (if they were open right now). Well, and then, if there’s still time left, I deal with something new. Right now I have some plants here and I’ve been learning about them while trying my best making it as comfortable as possible for them. You see, I don’t have to be bored.

My Toolkit

Damit Arbeite ich

Ability to learn

Of course, career-wise I’m still at the beginning. My portfolios aren’t that full yet, but hey, let’s change that. You have something that fits me really well and can also offer something? Hit me Up!

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